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Hubble- 15 Years of Discovery  was $19.95 now $12.00 plus postage

Learn the story of the incredible Hubble Space Telescope via state-of-the-art computer animation and awesome photographs taken directly by this amazingly resilient telescope.

This 113  minute DVD contains 9 separate Features the story of the development of the Telescope, it’s discoveries and images. 

Features the story of the development of the Telescope, it’s discoveries and images. 



1. The Hubble Story               

2. Hubble up close             

3. Planetary Tales                   

4. Lives of Stars                     

5. Cosmic Collisions           

6. Monsters in Space              

7. Gravitational Illusions        

8. Birth & death of Universe              

9. Looking to the end of time 

Plus lots of bonus programs

Was $19.95 Now $12.00


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 Voyage to the Planets

DVD (ABC series, $25 plus postage)


This excellent series, seen on ABC TV, is a traveller’s guide to leaving earth, narrated by Richard Roxburgh. Features some great graphics and images of the Solar system. Two disc set has six 50 minute programs:

1.     Mars

2.     Jupiter

3.     Saturn

4.     Uranus and Neptune

5.     Venus and Mercury

6.     Pluto and Beyond.

Total: 313min. 2-disc set.

Spaceflight Discovery 

was $19.95 now $12.00 plus postage


Looks at 50 years of Spaceflight including early launches, the Apollo Program, Space Shuttle and International Space Station.


1. NASA 50 years                        

2. Project Mercury                        

3. Gemini                                     

4. Apollo 11                                 

5. Apollo Highlights     

6. Skylab‑ Astronaut activity        

7. Space Shuttle                            

8. International Space Stat.              

9. Future Missions               

Extras: Astronauts’ slideshow, Earth from Space, Mars Rovers.

124 minutes total

Universe News was $19.95 now $12.00 plus postage


Universe News

Universe News was $19.95 now $12.00 plus postage


A series of podcasts from Hubble and ESA featuring the latest news about the Cosmos.


1. Stars (introduction)              

2. Star Birth (Nebulae)         

3. Star Death                        

4.. Star Clusters

5. Exoplanets

6. Galaxies

7. Galaxy Clusters

8 . The Cosmos                    

9. The Night Sky                 

Extras: Best of Hubble and Outback Sky  (with music only)


128 minutes total.


Solar System News

Solar System News   was $19.95 now $12.00 plus postage


 Covers each of the planets, with the latest news about space probes sent to explore them.


1. Introduction/ Summary        

2. Mercury (Messenger)     

3. Venus  (Express)            

4. Earth and Moon             

5. Mars (Rovers & Orbiters)               

6. Jupiter (Galileo)                   

7. Saturn (Cassini)              

8. Uranus (Voyager 2)        

9. Neptune (Voyager 2)      

Extras: Sun, Asteroids, Comets, Dwarf Planets and Trailers.

122 minutes total.



There will be more in time prices are $25 plus postage for the Fred Watson Books and $13.50 for the Emu Dreaming plus postage


I am selling both of the calendars from the above website for $14.95 each



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